As day turns to night, we believe some of the best wedding shots are still to come.  We’ve always believed that staying until after your first dance allows us to tell the full story of your special day.  Your evening reception is a very different vibe to the daytime and the energy is completely different. Our photography techniques morph and adapt at this point. We capture movement, dancing, lights and the whole atmosphere however you have created it.



Let us tell your whole story…


Photographically speaking the speeches and the reception gives us some of the most emotive wedding shots. With full bellies and a couple of glasses of fizz inside them, your guests are now relaxed and ready for the show.

We become invisible at this point. We capture the natural reactions, emotions and body language: the laughs, the tears, the love. It’s all recorded perfectly so you can relive your day every time you look through your album.


Your first dance is a very special moment. Whether you 2-step your way around the dance floor desperate for other dancers to join you, or you have learnt a full-on choreographed rock-opera, we’ll capture it all. We use our special lighting techniques to make even the most sedentary shuffle looks epic!

It’s not easy photographing moving objects on a dark dance floor. Years of experimenting have given us a repeatable lighting formula for capturing you and your partner cutting a rug in the most dynamic of ways. We love the look and hope you will too.


Some of our most colourful and emotive images are made when the party starts to heat up. We head into the action and capture our wedding shots right in the middle of the dance floor.

By this point in the day, we have won the trust of your wedding party, friends and family. We get the most natural pictures up front and centre on the dance floor. Party shots are a great way to close out your album, they are always so bright and full of energy.

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We hope you like our style, ethos, and approach – if you like what you see then perhaps you might be interested in us working together on your big day! We’d be delighted to send you our full package details and some other resources to help you understand EXACTLY how our packages work for you.