AJ_SB_Hull Wedding Photographers love to show love, warmth, intimacy and family in their work.  I had all of these in abundance when I covered Jake and Amy’s wedding at Rudstone Walk yesterday.  When I woke up and looked out of the window I was super excited to see a bright, cloud filled sky – one of my favourite conditions – I was even more excited when I left the house to feel that the weather was very mild – perfect situation for me.  I posted some of Jake and Amy’s wedding prep images a few weeks ago and the reaction was very strong – they are a very unique couple with such a very very genuine love, one that is contagious to be around and so I’d like to share some of those images below so you can see how these prep images translates into great photography opportunities on a wedding day.

Jake and Amy needed very little direction from me and this had me very excited as I can back off, ‘let the tape run’ and do what I do best which is craft intimate moments without having to tease them out.  I knew I was going to enjoy this wedding day, it had epic written all over it.  Jake and Amy both work in creative roles and they both love the classic Xmas movie ‘Elf’ so had used all of their talent and imagination to theme their wedding day with that movie as the inspiration.

I arrived at Rudstone Walk early to cover the boys’ preps and it was great to meet Jake’s Dad, father in Law and Best man.  Hannah and I helped and photographed them getting ready before taking them outside to grey some great shots looking out over the Yorkshire Wolds – the cloud formations and light were great.

Leaving the boys to enjoy brekkie, I went back to South Cave to photograph Amy getting ready with her Mum, 2 bridesmaids and flower girls including her little girl Ruby – the cutest little button in the world and a great lover of the camera!  Amy looked amazing in her gown and the atmosphere was super relaxed, after bridal portraits I headed back up to Rudstone in anticipation of the ceremony.  Being so close to 2 people who are so connected by their love as they wed is very powerful and also very moving.  I don’t shoot too much during a civil ceremony and so I observe and witness from literally 3 feet away and I couldn’t help but feel their warm blanket of love as they exchanged their vows in front of friends and family.

We braved  the outside to create formal group shots and I don’t think I have ever motored through 26 arrangements as quickly as I did yesterday!  I was done and dusted in 32 minutes on the nose – that’s grand prix styles even if I do say so myself!  After a quick ‘penny drop’ session we got back to the warmth for the start of the wedding breakfast which kicked off with the speeches first – Father of the Bride, Groom and Best Man all put in heartfelt, original performances and had the house in stitches!

The rest of the day was all about 2 great sets of family and friends coming together to celebrate and even I felt a bit Xmassy – anybody that knows me well knows that it’s usually 2 or 3 days before Santa comes that I get that special Xmas feeling!

Dj Andy Rollins from Ace Disco span all of Amy and Jake’s fave tunes and when Hannah and I left after their first dance, the dance floor was rammed with all generations bouncing off the ceiling!  This really was a very special wedding to be part of and here’s some of the sneaky peeks that I posted on Facebook last night.  Hope you enjoy!

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