Yorkshire wedding photographerI met Beth and Nick in South Cave for their wedding ‘pre-shoot’ over the weekend. We had stunning weather and the grounds of Cave Castle Hotel made a perfect environment to create some laid back, romantic images in preparation for their big day at Tickton Grange next month.

The pre-shoot is an essential part of my work as a Yorkshire wedding photographer, it’s often 12-18 months between me taking a booking and then seeing my clients again, so the pre-shoot is a great way to reconnect and find out what’s been going on! After a glass of wine or a coffee, we take care of all of the planning details and no stone is left unturned. It’s my goal to make sure that all my couples have to think about on their wedding days is enjoying themselves with their family and friends. We also take care of the planning for group shots and I let my clients in on my ‘secret techniques’ for getting them done quickly and with the most amount of fun!
Once the planning is out the way, we then head out into the sunshine and spend 30-45 minutes getting used to each other in front of and behind the camera. I’ve designed this part of the session to slowly ease my couples into a feeling a total comfort – this way I’m able to create the type of images that you will see in my wedding portfolio.
I love the pre-shoot part of my wedding service, it’s totally essential to the planning aspect of good wedding photography and it’s a lot of fun too!