Yorkshire Wedding PhotographyI shot my first wedding of the year a couple of weeks ago and after a busy couple of weeks with commercial photography, I’ve just got round to finishing the edits. I was really excited to be back behind the lens to cover the year’s first story and Jill and George’s special day was a real treat.

I started my coverage with Jill and her family at the Green Dragon, Welton East Yorkshire where we had a lot of fun with the preparations – Jill’s 2 sons were really great to photograph and could have easily have been mistaken for the front men out of the coolest indie band out there! Jill’s dress was really unusual and once her sisters had helped her in, she looked just great.
The ceremony was held at St Mary’s Church in Elloughton, a gorgeous little church that I hadn’t shot in before but looked super in the group shots that we did inside (way too cold for outside!) My shot of the whole wedding party required some ninja skills as to access the upper balcony, I had to scale the bell tower’s very narrow stair case and with 2 cameras in tow, this was no mean feat!
Jill and George held their reception at the Country Park Inn on the Hessle Foreshore, so we stopped underneath the bridge to photograph their ‘Penny Drop’ session before being greeted by their wedding party. George is from a large Greek family and it will be no surprise that lamb was on the menu! After a lovely meal, a Greek band struck up and it wasn’t long before one of George’s family members took to the floor to perform a traditional dance – so much pride and passion! After a 10 minute display, the dance floor was full and dinner plates were being smashed to the cries of ‘Opa’ (for those of you who are not familiar with this word, it is used in Greek culture to describe ‘jubilant emotion during a ceremony’ but is also used for no apparent reason at all!)
I left the party at around 9pm and glad to get out in the fresh air – the temperature was so hot on the dancefloor!
Jill and George set off the next morning for a month long cruise of the far east and I’m really looking forward to catching up with them when they get back to share their story with them.